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  • Pamper yourself with our luxurious, skin-nurturing, handmade soap. Our recipe for each soap has been carefully formulated to be gentle and beneficial to your skin. Handmade soap retains the natural glycerin produced during the soap making process. It makes your skin feel smooth and silky after getting out of the shower. 

  • Our soaps are made in our kitchen in small batches. Our natural soaps contain pure essential oils that are known for their therapeutic value. 

  • The nearly-natural soaps are scented with the finest fragrance oils available and only natural or cosmetic grade colorants are used. 

  • Our goat milk soaps are made with fresh creamy goat milk. Goat milk is known to be great for sensitive and problem skin.

  • We used shreds of natural soap in our brightly colored glycerin soap. The combination of these two soaps makes a mild, sudsy, long lasting bar.

  • Judge for yourself, order a bar of our hand made soap and see the difference.


Garden of Eden Specialty Soaps
Established 1999